Applications and the Effects of Applying Electron Beam Irradiation

Electron Beam Processing Applications and Effects

Supporting Various Electron Beam
Processing Needs

At NHV, we are able to integrate the engineering to include accessory equipment, including conveying lines. We design processing systems optimized for many conditions including the electron beam dosage, target object shape and relationship with processes before and after the equipment.

Electron beam Processing
Systems (EPS)
(EB Accelerator)

Electron Beam Irradiation Services You Can Trust

Using our many years of accumulated experience and knowledge with irradiation services, we are ready to accurately support complex customer needs. Contact us for test processing or to order irradiation services to improve the characteristics or add functions to a variety of materials.

Electron Beam
Irradiation Services

The Industry Leader in
Electron Beam Processing

Electron beam processing is a technology which improves the characteristics of materials and applies new functions by irradiating the material with beams of accelerated electrons. In addition to expanding applications in the automotive industry, recent years have seen use in applications including sterilization of medical devices and other devices, as well as improving the properties of semiconductors. NHV Corporation is the only manufacturer of electron beam processing systems (EPS) able to meet a wide variety of needs from low to high energy zones in Japan and around the world.

Electron Beam Processing