Improving Heat Resistance of Wire Coatings

Contributes to Increase the Highest Temperature Limit Used for Electric Wire

Since the heat resistance of electron beam (EB) crosslinked wire coating is improved, these wires are used in high-temperature environments such as around automotive engines.
Untreated PE-coated wires can withstand temperatures of about 90℃, but when crosslinked by electron beam the wires become able to withstand continuous temperatures of 125℃ and short periods of 350℃.
This also prevents the coating from melting during soldering, greatly facilitating workability.
Improving the wire's usable environmental temperature also contributes to smaller devices and greater reliability.

Comparison of Crosslinking Methods

Electron Beam Crosslinking Heat Crosslinking Silane Crosslinking
Crosslinking Strength Fast Medium Slow
Material Limitations Few limitations Has limitations Has limitations
Thickness Limitations Has limitations Has limitations Few limitations
Equipment Cost Expensive Medium Cheap

Benefits of Electron Beam Crosslinking

Fast crosslinking speed appropriate for industrial lines
Few limitations on materials

Other Applications