Electron Beam Applications for Construction Films

High Dust-Proofing, Scratch Resistance and Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) Prevention

Olefin films using electron beam curing are used to improve the appearance of walls and flooring.
High crosslinking density makes these materials benefit from excellent dust-proofing and scratch resistance, as well as an effective countermeasure to Sick Building Syndrome since no hazardous additives are used.

Electron Beam Applications for Outdoor Panel Top Coating

High Weather Resistance

UV curing is a generic curing method using a resin and adding an initiator. However, residual initiator in the film is dissolved by UV in the sunlight, leading to aging.
Top coating with electron beam cured resins that do not need additives, allows for inkjet quality printing and maintains a glossy finish even when installed outdoors for long periods.

Electron Beam Applications for In-mold Transfer Films

Hard Coating

In-mold transfer is a method for simultaneous forming and surface decoration by pinching a transfer film in a mold and filling it with resin.
Using an electron beam cured hard coating material results in a higher hardness than other coatings and superior scratch resistance.