Electron Beams (EB) for Semiconductors

Contributing to Carrier Lifetime Control

Improving silicon wafers with electron beams is widely used alongside proton and light ion irradiation.
Carrier lifetime control is an important issue in semiconductors for power devices.
Using electron beam processing to form lattice defects can control these properties for superior consistency and control characteristics and is expected to play an active role as an important method in the development of new devices.

Electron Beams for Radiation Resistance Evaluation

Simulating Outer Space

Satellites and other objects sent into space are exposed to various forms of radiation, so electron beam processing is often used to accelerate degradation as a method of evaluating radiation resistance of materials.

Electron Beams for Food Irradiation

Improving Food Safety

Irradiating food with electron beams and gamma rays has benefits such as sterilizing, killing insects and preventing germination, and has been confirmed for safety by the World Health Organization (WHO) and many nations. While in Japan it is only permitted for use in preventing germination of potatoes, around the world spices, meats, fruits and marine produce are irradiated, taking advantage of the non-heating nature of this treatment.
In recent years , there has been an increase in irradiation of produce with the purpose of plant quarantining and in the USA there has been an annual increase in use for fruit imports, including mangoes and pineapples, which are irradiated to kill insects.