Electron Beam Applications for Functional Fabrics

High Washing Durability

Electron beam grafting adds functions to fibers, notably high washing durability.
Since it is possible to strongly bond functional substances to the fibers at the molecular level giving vastly improved wash resistance compared to generic coatings, allowing the effect to continue after more than one hundred home washes.
Depending on the functional substance being added, various effects can be applied to the fabric including practical applications such as water-absorption heat-generation, deodorizing/anti-bacterial functionality, fire-proofing, etc.

Electron Beam Applications for Battery Separators

Contributing to Longer Battery Life

Grafting monomers such as acrylic acid to film by using electron beam processing on olefin film adds good ion penetration (hydrophilic properties) and is used in button cell separators.
Using an olefin film base with excellent chemical resistance (acid/alkaline resistance) and mechanical strength, extending button cell battery life.

Electron Beam Applications for Absorbent Materials

Electron Beam Grafted Absorbent Material

Attaches to Surface

Market Ion Replacement Resin

Attaches to Interior

Rapid Absorption

By grafting monomers with an absorbent functional group via electron beam processing to a polymer base such as fibers or powders, it is possible to create absorbents. The absorbent functional group gathers on the material surface and is characterized by rapid absorption.
Changing the absorbent functional group allows manufacturing a variety of absorbents with the same method.
A major application is for water purification.