Expanding the potential of materials

Applying a high voltage charge to electrons causes them to accelerate. Using these highly accelerated electrons in a beam enables reactions and processing not previously possible with conventional heat or light treatment methods.

When a substance is irradiated by an electron beam, the electrons impart their energy to it while penetrating to its interior. This energy causes excitation and ionization at the molecular level generating chemical reactions.

Electron beams are used across many industries including automotive, textiles, printing and medical devices for applications such as improving material characteristics, adding functions, curing coatings and other materials as well as sterilization.

We Support Diverse Electron Beam Processing Needs

NHVC is the only manufacturer in Japan making a broad lineup covering everything from low to high energy type EPS systems. We also perform engineering including surrounding equipment such as conveyor lines in addition to EPS systems. Allow us to tailor your EPS equipment to meet various conditions such as the electron beam dose, target material shape and relationship with surrounding processes.

Electron Beam
Processing Systems (EPS)