EB Grafting Principles

This technology improves materials by using electron beam processing to create radicals on the polymer base material and then bonding a monomer with other functional properties into grafted chains, thereby imparting the functional properties of the monomer to the polymer material.
Since they are chemically bonded this is different than coating and there is almost no degradation over time from wear.

Example Application of Electron Beam Grafting: Making a Porous PE Sheet Hydrophilic

Hydrophilic function is added even inside the pores

Polyethylene (PE) is hydrophobic so water does not go into the small holes tens of micrometers in size of porous PE, causing water droplets to form on the surface of the sheet (before treatment).
Using electron beam grafting, the inside of the pores of the PE sheet can be made hydrophilic so it quickly absorbs water droplets.
Furthermore, no mater how many times the PE sheet is cleaned with hot water, this property will not fade over time.

Fields of Application for Electron Beam Grafting